Camp Ben Burr Day Camp

8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday

Ages 5-12

$125 per week

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Participants will learn, play, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Youth will learn about Spokane, self-worth, community-giveback, science, and arts through interactive exercises on a daily basis.
Join us for one week, or the whole summer! We are a licensed child care provider. Financial assistance is available.

Sports: Each day participants will get a chance to play a variety of sports, whether it is in our gym, or at local parks they will be involved in athletics. We use a games based approach that keeps beginners to intermediates active and having fun. Sports include: Baseball/Softball/Tee Ball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Dodgeball, flag football, volleyball and more.

Education: Participant’s minds will not go dormant with us over the summer. We have a variety of hands on science, reading, cultural diversity, and history activities they will be sure to learn from. Lessons are built so that all age levels stay engaged. We will take hikes to learn about our local ecology, make edible beaver dams and ice cream aquifers, research people of significance and make fry bread, plus much more. We take an assortment of field trips to the MAC, Cat Tails, Riverfront, etc. to supplement our learning activities.

Gardening: A few times a week participants will go to the community garden. They will learn about nutrition, how to incorporate their favorite veggies into their favorite meals, the science behind plants, and of course how to garden. The students spend the summer working, weed, and watering. At the end of the summer the participants donate their harvest to seniors in the neighborhood. The donation will be supported by lessons on community service, and leadership.

Arts: Every day the participants will get down with some art! We have a variety of activities; painting, charcoal, pottery, making prints, found item art, and more. Participants will have a chance to show their creativity through different mediums, while receiving quality instruction. Clear room on the fridge and mantle they will be bringing home some keepers!

Fun: A few times a week we will be visiting Liberty Pool. Be sure to pack a swimsuit, and sunscreen! After a morning of learning and running nothing beats a nice dip in the pool! We have a variety of activities that children enjoy because we make them fun. It is summer time, and kids will be kids, but in our camp they will do it while they utilize their minds.

Meals: During camp participants will receive Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. They will not go hungry!

Standard Price $125

Reduced-Lunch Price $90

Free-Lunch Price $65

Other forms of financial assistance are also available. For any reduction in fees please contact Matthew West.

Please be aware to receive price reduction for your child receiving free or reduced lunch at school proof must be provided.








Matthew A West
Youth Development Director
East Central Community Center
500 S. Stone
Spokane, Wa 99202
(509) 808-2122

MattheMattw West was born and raised in Spokane. He attended the Evergreen State College and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and Science. He did his thesis work in the Dominican Republic, and interned for the Commissioner’s Office of Major League Baseball. He then joined the Peace Corps and served nearly 5 years in Peru working with local youth. Upon leaving the Peace Corps Matthew returned to Spokane with hopes of making a difference in his hometown. He worked for the Lands Council for two years as their Community Outreach Coordinator. In May of 2013, he took a Fundraising Specialist job at the East Central Community Center. In February 2014, he was made Interim Recreation Director at the Center. He helped develop various programs including, an afterschool program, summer day and athletic camps, and facilitated the creation of the current basketball program. He also was the staff lead in multiple community events put on for free for the community. In April of 2015, he was made Youth Development Director. In his free time he enjoys anything outdoors; hiking, rafting, sports, and camping. Matthew is excited about what lies ahead for the youth in the East Central Neighborhood, and know that a brighter future is near.