Guest Blogger: Brett Lewis


Spokane Judo at The East Central Community Center is proud to be hosting
an all-day clinic on Saturday, March 26 to teach the “forms of throwing” kata.
Judo is a dynamic combat sport (an Olympic sport since 1964!) that demands great physical and mental discipline. In judo we learn to throw our opponents onto their backs; we also learn to pin our opponents to the ground, and choke or arm-lock them into submission.   Judo – which means “the gentle way” in Japanese – teaches all of these techniques so they can be performed safely and as a sport.

The kata clinic offered Saturday, March 26 will focus on the Nage no kata or “forms of throwing”. The clinic will be conducted by Senseis Mik and Delynn Purcell, two of the best kata instructors in the United States.  Sensei Mike Purcell has been teaching kata for forty years – he is a USA Judo Class A Kata Judge in all seven Kodokan Kata.  Sensei Delynn Purcell is a World Master’s Grand Champion, Pan-American Judo Union Silver Medalist, USA National Kata Champion, and Fukuda Grand Champion.  She is Kodokan-certified in Ju no kata, and a USA Judo Class A Kata Judge in all seven Kodokan kata.

While this is a more advanced clinic, Spokane Judo is always delighted to welcome new students.  If you are interested in learning judo, please contact Sensei Brett Lewis, (509)995-6434.

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